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     PsychExperts & Associates offer individual psychotherapy for adults who may be experiencing a variety of symptoms related to depression and other mood disorders, anxiety, panic disorder, social anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress and other trauma related issues, obsessive compulsive disorders, attention deficit disorder (ADD) and mood disorders.  In addition, life adjustments or changes, such as job stress, Continue Reading

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    OTHER EVALUATION SERVICES Pre-employment psychological evaluations. After a candidate receives a Conditional Offer of Employment, some employers require a psychological evaluation in order to assess the potential employee’s ability to perform the essential functions of the position. At PsychExperts & Associates, Inc., we provide standardized testing and a clinical interview, followed by a timely report Continue Reading

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Quality Standards & Privacy


PsychExperts & Associates, Inc. utilizes evidence-based assessment tools and utilizes the most effective clinical interventions in an effort to provide comprehensive forensic and mental health services to children, adolescents, and adults.   We work collaboratively with other professional agencies in an effort of  to learn through coordinated  efforts, and ultimately unite the community by developing a comprehensive level of care.

Privacy and the laws

The HIPAA law requires that PHI are kept private, and most as with most medical offices, we have a posted Notice of Privacy Practices. 

 How your protected health information can be used and shared

 The law gives you rights to know about your PHI, how it is used, and you have control as to how it is disclosed.

PHI information is shared for several reasons. It is primarily used and/or disclosed (interoffice) for routine purposes. For use outside of our staff,  you must be informed about such disclosure and must sign a written Authorization; unless the law requires us to make such disclosure without your authorization. In certain circumstances, the law requires disclosures without your consent or authorization, particularly when it involves harm to self or others.

For treatment, payment, or health care operations.

PsychExperts only collects information about you as related to your specific needs and to provide the most effective intervention. You have to agree to allow us to collect the information and to use it and share it as necessary. Therefore you must sign the Consent form before treatment or assessment begins.

PHI information collected is typically kept in a healthcare records.  We generally use or disclose PHI records for three purposes: treatment, obtaining payment, and internal healthcare operations.

PHI information is collected and used to provide the most effective intervention as related to your specific psychological need or service. These might include, forensic assessment, therapy,  family or group counseling, psychological, educational, or vocational testing, treatment planning, or measuring the effects of our services.

PHI information may be shared  with other professional who provide treatment to you, such as your personal physician. If your case involves a team, such as social worker, case manager, we can share some of your PHI with them so that the services you receive will be coordinated.

PHI information may be shared if we refer you to other professionals or consultants for services we cannot offer such as special assessment or treatment. When this is done, we share only information that is related to your specific treatment requirements.

Written by PsychExperts & Asociates

PsychExperts is a full service psychology practice that specializes in Civil, Criminal, and Family forensic related psychological assessment.

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