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     PsychExperts & Associates offer individual psychotherapy for adults who may be experiencing a variety of symptoms related to depression and other mood disorders, anxiety, panic disorder, social anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress and other trauma related issues, obsessive compulsive disorders, attention deficit disorder (ADD) and mood disorders.  In addition, life adjustments or changes, such as job stress, Continue Reading

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    OTHER EVALUATION SERVICES Pre-employment psychological evaluations. After a candidate receives a Conditional Offer of Employment, some employers require a psychological evaluation in order to assess the potential employee’s ability to perform the essential functions of the position. At PsychExperts & Associates, Inc., we provide standardized testing and a clinical interview, followed by a timely report Continue Reading

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Therapy for Forensic Cases

Individual Therapy for Forensic Cases

In addition to assessment and evaluation services, our psychologists also provide treatment to individuals involved in the court system. Our clinicians are familiar with the special circumstances of working with forensic cases, including the need to work closely with court officials and potentially testify in court as a fact witness. We offer a wide range of experience and expertise in forensic matters and will tailor a treatment plan to your client’s specific needs.

Individual therapy for victims of crime and psychological trauma.

Our clinicians work closely with individuals who have experienced psychological traumas in order to improve their level of functioning and their emotional wellbeing. Depending on the type of trauma experienced and the psychological issues that are occurring, we will design a treatment plan that fits the client’s specific needs.

Therapy for offenders.

Criminal behaviors are often associated with mental health issues and generally have the potential for treatment. Our clinicians offer outpatient therapy to adult and juvenile offenders whose crimes were committed, at least in part, because of diagnosed psychological factors. It is our goal to improve our client’s emotional wellbeing, empathy, insight, and judgment; therefore, reducing the risk of re-offense

Therapy and counseling for family court issues.

Our clinicians offer adjustment counseling for adults and children involved in divorce proceedings, counseling for parents with identified psychological problems which present a risk for child abuse, and conflict resolution to assist in cooperative parenting.

Parental mediation for child custody.

When parents choose to participate in mediation rather than litigation for child custody issues, a divorce mediator may request a psychologist from the Psychological Center for Expert Evaluations, Inc., to meet with the couple to work out custody and visitation issues. Our clinicians will identify ways to encourage the best possible post-divorce relationship between the parents, and will offer psycho-educational information regarding the impact of divorce, custody, and visitation issues on children.

Post adoption services.

At the Psychological Center for Expert Evaluation, Inc., we have extensive experience and knowledge regarding the specific issues of families who have been through the adoption process; and will tailor a treatment plan to create the best possible outcome for your family.

During her doctoral training in Miami, Florida, Dr. Kristin Tolbert developed an empirically validated program called Attachment Focused Care. This program was designed to increase adoptive parent’s understanding of attachment theory, teach specific parenting techniques to manage children who have experienced attachment related traumas or have been diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder, improve the bond between the child and adoptive family, and decrease failed adoptive placements. This program will be modified to fit your family’s specific treatment needs and will likely involve individual and family therapy sessions.



Individual Therapy.

In children, we specialize in the treatment of ADHD, behavioral difficulties, Reactive Attachment Disorder, and trauma-related issues. The therapeutic approach will depend on a variety of factors, including the needs and age of the client. These approaches include but are not limited to: cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT); teaching social and coping skills; anger management; and anxiety management.

For adults, our psychologists offer goal-oriented individual therapy for key emotional and behavioral concerns, such as anxiety disorders, mood disorders, adult ADHD, and separation and divorce counseling. Please call for a complimentary consultation to discuss your specific areas of concern.

Family Therapy.

At PsychExperts & Associates, Inc., after thoroughly assessing your family’s dynamics and specific areas of concern, we offer family therapy sessions aimed at improving the parent-child relationship and increasing cohesiveness and communication within the family. Therapy is also available to establish healthy boundaries and find an acceptable balance between parental authority and child autonomy.

Written by PsychExperts & Asociates

PsychExperts is a full service psychology practice that specializes in Civil, Criminal, and Family forensic related psychological assessment.